About Us

It all started more than a decade ago with hard work and perseverance. Patricia Rodriguez, affectionately known as Patty to everyone around her, had been working in the restaurant business since her early teens starting off as waitress and working her way up to became the proud owner of what would be her first restaurant “Miramar Café”.
Under the ownership of Patty “Miramar Café” has been around as a staple restaurant of the area creating a loyal clientele and in many cases friends.
But Patty’s drive didn’t stop her there; she had proven she had a good product in her food and an awesome team of people to help her keep her dreams going so she decided to embark in a second business venture.
She decided to go back to her roots and go buy the first ever restaurant she had waitressed on. She went back to 6155 Lake Murray Boulevard and bought what is now known as “Patty’s Café”.
On August 2012 with the help of her family and her amazing staff “Patty’s Café” opened its doors to the public and has since become a MUST in the area of La Mesa. Bringing in clientele that remembers Patty from her waitressing days to a new crowd who is just excited to try all the dishes her menu has to offer.
We invite you to come to any of our two restaurants and see what all is about. Excellent food, great ambiance and people working hard to make your dining experience the best and hopefully make a client and a friend out of you!